Dear colleagues,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 4th Biennial Meeting of the EARLI Special Interest Group 16, Metacognition, which will be held from 26th to 29th May 2010 in Muenster, Germany. The previous meetings were held in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2004), Cambridge, UK (2006), and Ioannina, Greece (2008). These meetings were highly successful in bringing together researchers from all over the world. We aspire to continue this tradition.

The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of research findings and innovative ideas regarding the topic of Metacognition. The meeting will include symposia, individual papers, posters, and expert keynotes.

The scope of the previous meetings has typically been very broad. Topics ranged from processes, measurements, or different areas of application of Metacognition, to developmental aspects of Metacognition from earliest childhood till old age. We hope to draw together once again such a wide range of researchers and experts from all areas of Metacognition. To give some examples from our research groups (We explicitly point out, that we do not want to limit submissions to these topics!):

  • Metacognition in teachers and students in school or kindergarten
  • Metacognition and the regulation of emotion, motivation, and volition
  • Metacognition in comprehending single or multiple text and / or pictures
  • Metacognition in the training of key competencies such as reading
  • Metacognition in computer-supported learning settings
  • Metacognition in cooperative learning settings
  • Metacognition, critical thinking and epistemological beliefs

We are honored that the following recognized researchers have agreed to give keynotes: Cordula Artelt (Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany), Janet Metcalf (Columbia University New York, USA), and David Whitebread (University of Cambridge, UK).

Submissions of individual papers, posters, and symposia are possible starting now up to October 1st 2009 via our website

We hope that the meeting will not only be an enriching scientific experience but also enjoyable: The city of Muenster was voted the most livable city worldwide in 2004 (LiveCom Award). Over 1200 years of history are visible in the historic city center and Muenster hosts the third largest German university. Muenster is also well-known for its ecologically friendly urban development: It is famous for its countless bikers within the city. We invite you to explore also these assets.

Organizational Committee (in alphabetical order)
Rainer Bromme*, Stephan Dutke*, Manfred Holodynski*,
Stephanie Pieschl*, Elmar Souvignier*, & Joachim Wirth+

*Psychological Institutes III & V, Westfaelische Wilhelms University Muenster, Germany
+Department of Research on Learning and Instruction, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

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